Saturday, September 23, 2017

How To Install Hay Day Bot September 2017 [ Russian + Chinese ]

Hey Guys, hay day bot is a computer based software which help hay day player to play the game more easily. So you should use your computer to run it only. The software is pretty safe to use, because it is simulating hand play mode. But we do not take any responsible on the consequences after you use it. So think careful before you use.

How To Install Hay Day Bot 2017 August ( Updated ) 

Hay Day Bot Functions :- 

1. Planting crops automaticallythen selling them to the visitors and in the newspapers.

2. Auto selling your seleted tools on tray.

3. Auto selling tools that you get from the fields to your storage farm.

4. Food productions automatically. nearly all food can be produced.

5. Auto trucks that send orders and delete orders automatically

6. Auto delete derby order which allow your hood to remain the seleted orders.

7. Auto Tom, which will automatically send tom to search your seleted food.

8. Auto Mining, which you can mining ores during auto planting

9. Run muti-farms in 1 emulator

9. You can bot as much as farms which depends on your computer hardware.

Required :- 

3) HayDay.apk: download in google market            

How To Install :-

1) you should download 3 programs

2) Open Multiple Nox Manager 

3) Now You Can See Nox Emulators Settings

4) Now You Can See General Setting Clcik On Root Startup And Enable Then Click On Advanced Settings
5) The emulator should set it to be CPU 1, 512 memory, width 600, Height 480, DPI 120
6) Now Install Your Dowmloaded File TonyBotHD.Apk or Hay Day Latest Verison From Here
7) Open Yor Installed App TonyBot And Click On " Remember Choice "

Now Your All Bot Is Setup Now You Need To Change Your Farm Decoration 

How To Open Hay Day Game :- 

1) Edit Your Farm 
field that has specified in the picture must be put. Other fields can place in any place. If you are not going to use food functions. You can remove all machines and animals.

How To Play Bot :- 

1) Open TonyBot From Nox Player
2) After you set all settings, press, to save

3) Now You Can Play Automaticly Your Game 

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